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Glaze: POA Mare Healthy Hooves


Left Front hoof

Glaze is a registered Pony of the Americas. She's about 13.2 h tall, and is occasionally ridden by children, or small adults. She's been known to run barrels but currently is a bit of a pasture potato. She is fed free choice hay, has some turnout in a paddock and gets no grain. She's been getting barefoot trims for about 4 years now,and she had seedy toe back in '05, with crushed, under-run heels. It took me about 1 year to grow all that out and get her sound. Then she exchanged owners this last year (in early 09) and they let her feet go without trims for a few months. She came back to her orginal owners and I had a project to fix. When she returned, she was a bit overgrown and had some flaring, chipping and a few cracks. Now her feet are pretty healthy again, and she's sound. It took about 3 trims ( about 18 weeks) to get them back in shape and all the cracks grown out.  

Lateral view of the left front hoof

Oblique view of the sole