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"Katie" BLM Mustang Club Foot

Katie's BLM Photo

Katie, is my BLM Wild mustang I adopted in 2014. I brought her home in April. Mustangs have a great reputation for hardy hooves. However, she was in holding pens during her key growth stages and her feet were a bit rough when I got her. She had developed a mild club foot, as well. I can't know if it's genetic or from not being trained and therefore not getting regular trims. She hasn't been lame, but does show a slight uneveness in her trot. However, rocks and pavement don't phase her and her hooves are quite healthy and well developed. I wanted to show an example of how a horse may not have "perfect" hooves, yet still be healthy and ready to go anywhere barefoot.

Left Front Club Foot after 1st trim
Left front hoof