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Piper:Overgrown Hooves 


Piper is a 4yr old Grulla Quarter Horse mare. In the beginning of her photo series, she had not seen a farrier in at least a year and was overgrown. The long toe was placing extra strain on her tendons and could have caused an injury. Luckily, she did excape injury. If left alone, her heels would have continued to grow forward and become crushed an underrun creating more long-term issues. The worst time to neglect a horse's hooves is in the first few years. The best thing for long term hoof care is to keep young horses hooves trimmed (and shoe free) and give them plenty of room to run over different surfaces.

Left Front Sole View Overgrown
sole view of overgrown hoof
Piper's overgrown hooves
Long overgrown hooves
Left Fron Sole
Left Front Sole
Left Front After
Left Front after